Yoga has been part of my life since the year 2000, my parents suggested the idea and for this I will be forever indebted. During this time I was going through a deeply personal and emotional transition in my life. My lifestyle and attitude was out of control.
I needed help, support
and my feet placed firmly on the ground. I was fortunate to find this stability through my family and attendance at a regular yoga class. During these first sessions I found an instant curiosity with the physically challenging side of yoga, I loved the freedom of the movement and relished the space that relaxation provided away from my hectic lifestyle. Throughout this period I noticed my personality began to soften and my body became strong and flexible.


Over time I decided I was ready to explore many different styles of yoga, meditation and teaching.
I signed up for a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course and started to attend regular
Ashtanga themed led classes. During the next few years I practiced and practiced. Going to workshops, conferences and Yoga Retreats. During 2009 I was offered the opportunity to complete a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training which I leapt at as I had a hunger to learn and understand more. As part of the course I began an Ashtanga Mysore program and started to practice at home, which to this day is my foundation.
I started teaching not long after the beginning of the course and found the sharing of experiential knowledge and information so rewarding.
My classes stimulate and focus on the development of graceful movement through awareness and understanding of breath. Through a steady and gentle practice students are encouraged to learn to reflect, develop, enquire and look inside.


Over the years I have been  blessed to practice and be taught by some inspiring teachers including:
R Sharath Jois, Kino MacGregor, Doug and David Swenson, Eddie Stern, David Williams, David Sye. To all my teachers past and present I will always be eternally grateful. However one fleeting workshop with a teacher called Matthew Stanford marked a turning point in my Yogic path. Matthew was partially paralysed in a car accident in his youth and through years of determination and pain has focused his life to teaching Yoga. All that I had previously taken for granted suddenly changed. I could not get over the strength and courage it takes for a person in Matthew's situation to move his body and have a daily yoga practice. It just blew my mind! I knew at that moment I needed to understand more about using Yoga as a therapy,  what I had experienced all those years ago was Yoga Therapy, I just did not realise it.


In March 2015 I completed the Yoga Therapy Diploma course with Yoga Campus where I was educated by an inspirational group of experts in the Yoga Therapy Field. Having the opportunity to work with teachers such as Lisa Kaley Isley, Doug Keller, Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Karen Aktinson has fundamentally changed the way I approach my yoga practice and what I offer to my students. During this process I encouraged  myself and my students to be open hearted to the possibility of yoga making a change to our lives. I can testify this has happened in abundance!


I would be honoured should you decide to join me on this lifelong journey.


As I have evolved so naturally has my practice. I am dedicated to further personal and professional study with Lisa Kayley Isley and her teacher ParaYoga founder Rod Stryker. Here, I am continuing my study of yoga and its effects on Anxiety/Depression and deepening my meditation practice.